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Dead man,
Stay buried while the seeds grow.
You’re dead, you needn’t become a scarecrow.
Do not scare them off, let the birds eat.
Eat off the plants as they grow.

Dead man,
When the birds have eaten to their fill
Rise then, destroy what’s left of the seeds
So, from the abundance of loss,
we could have a feast.

But Dead man,
After this, You mustn’t stay confined.
Sail down to Heaven and smoke a roll with Marley,
down a street in Holy Ville, give a song to Kuti.

Tell them how lucky they are to be alive,
while the rest of us die on this plane.

Then, Dead man,
Leave!! Heaven can wait.
fly up to hell and tell the Devil a Joke;
of how men think him defeated
and weaker than most.

Go on then and live, Dead man.
You’re luckier than most of us.


Portrait by  Tomasz Alen Kopera.

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